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It's all about the balance

Balance. Between what you can have and what you should have. That sweet spot between technology as a gadget and technology as a tool. In all our services, we will help you get the balance right and ensure that your IT doesn't get in the way.

We don't talk geek - we listen and help. We work with old systems and carry out new installations. We repair what can be fixed but advise on new purchases when we think that's best for you. We visit you when needed and work remotely when practical. Our rates our reasonable but reflect the quality of our work. And if we can't do something, we'll inevitably know someone who can.

Hampshire is our home territory and we work mostly there and in London. But we support clients all over the UK, Europe and the US.

Our services


The core piece of technology we use to work, browse, communicate and play. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops. All incredibly complex machinery that we can make simple. Get it to do what you want - not the other way round.


All the stuff that connects everything up. Wifi, broadband, VPNs, remote access, streaming, security - all should be working together to help your computers perform at their best. We can build them, maintain them, fix them.


It's no good having all the gear but with no idea how to use it properly. We cut through the jargon and show you how your technology can help you. Whether it's a quick intro to new kit or a more structured session, we get you on your feet.


Viruses, trojans, malware, ransomeware, key-logging....many people have been caught out by these and other hacks. We advise on the best protection and work hard to cure an outbreak you may suffer.


Whether you're moving from old to new, Windows to Mac (or the other way round), CDs to digital music library, POP email to G Suite or Office 365, we have a wealth of knowledge that makes the transition as smooth as possible.


Older computers don't have to die. A mid-life upgrade to its memory, storage capacity, even the operating system itself can make it feel like a new machine. We're on hand to advise you if it's worth it and then perform the upgrade.


Who are we?


Simple Computer Services was set up by me, Andrew Gordon. I've been working with IT since the mid nineties when IT was only just starting to be used widely by non-techy people. My knowledge has been built on the experiences of the users. Without them, well what's the point?


Everything we do is done for the user of the technology. The technology itself is incidental. It's what it enables the user to achieve that's important. Whether that's a small business working across two continents or a family trying to get their wifi to work. Our vision is to make it simple. Simple really.


I'm an IT generalist. My skills and knowledge have been developed by working with the user's needs. Which means I work with specialists regularly. Electricians for network wiring, security companies for firewalls, data recovery specialists for damaged hard drives. All hand-picked, trustworthy and excellent.

Simple stories

Our small business clients

A new recruitment company in London and the South-East needed our help to build a distributed IT system from scratch. We helped them set up email, cloud-based file serving and security. We continue to help them as they grow.



We help a small transport company make the best of their rural location and overcome the shortcomings of a slow internet connection. Using various tools, they can access all their data wherever they are - on the road or on-site.



Our largest client opened an office in New York so we flew out there to set up the new network, servers, desktops, phones....everything! We connected them to their London office and they can work seamlessly on projects between continents.


A PR agency works with associates and needed an email system that is best for distributed workers. We migrated them from their old system to Office 365 and they've never looked back.

Our private clients

John had an old slow Windows XP computer riddled with malware. We salvaged all his files and precious pictures and set them up on a new Mac. After a little coaching he's away!


A new extension needed to be connected up to the rest of the house or the kids were going to rebel! We set up wifi and now they are quiet.


A beautiful new house needed everything to work throughout. We worked with the project manager and electricians to deliver the best using the latest network technology.


They had hundreds of music CDs they wanted to be able to listen to throughout the house. So we had them copied to a box, set up a wireless hifi system, and they can now listen to everything wherever they are in the house.


Libby couldn't print. So we fixed it. Simple.

Simple stories
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